Our Design Process

Basement Creations

Here at Basement Creations, we provide full service design and build-out for your basement renovation. Whether enhancing an already finished basement or finishing a bare studded space, we provide services from beginning to end to design and create your unique functional space that you’ll be pleased with for years to come.


    • Start by scheduling an in-home consultation where walk thru the space with you and discuss available options. We will discuss your goals for the space and help you fine tune the details into a working action plan.
    • We carefully review the existing building structure, environmental conditions, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and any other mechanical feature that will have an impact on the renovation. Address natural and artificial lighting sources and review any pre-existing issues (mold, moisture, air leaks, etc.) that will need to be addressed.
    • Following this, a 3-D rendering option is available to help you visualize your finished project. Let us make your dream living space a reality!

We Are Different

Three Reasons We are Unique

  • We are a lock and key finishing company that completes your job from beginning to end. From the construction stage to the media, home theater to electrical, we are here for you every step of the way.
  • We focus predominantly on basement spaces, allowing us to fine tune our relationships with our subcontractors to keep cost low!
  • Every area is unique. Because of our above mentioned attributes, Basement Creations takes your unique space into account and helps you choose the best materials, carpet, flooring, video equipment, and fixtures to work with your budget.
Basement Creations

We Warranty Our Work

Basement Creations

We stand behind what we build!

For starters we provide a full three year warranty on all labor, and for all new equipment that has a full manufacturer’s warranty. We are licensed and bonded and our service staff come in uniform and behave professionally throughout the project. We stay focused and on target completing most projects within three weeks or less. We can also finish other areas of your home, in addition to your basement remodel. Just ask for details.

We Help You Dream

Creating the purpose for your basement.

The finished basement can be used for purposes that might be impractical for anywhere else in the home. You may not have any extra space for a personal library or office, and a home gym might not be practical or aesthetic anywhere else but in the basement. If you use it as a bar or wine cellar, the basement can offer a naturally cooler ambient temperature compared to the rest of the house, perfect for storing alcoholic beverages. You can even use the finished basement as a children’s play area, keeping the clutter to a minimum in the rest of the house and providing a clean and safe area for the kids to play.

Basement Creations