Ideas For Your Basement

Many homes are sold with the basements in various states of finish. Some may have all electrical units installed and drywall hung; others may have bare frames and cement floors. Depending on the available floor space and the homeowner's preferences, the basement can be finished and used for a wide variety of purposes, from a living room to an entertainment center to a bar. Aside from increasing the monetary value of the home, it can serve as a whole new family area or a room to entertain guests.

  • Media Room Remodel in Basement

    Media Room

    Forget spending double digits on a movie ticket, get the theatre experience right at home with your customized media room. Adding a home theatre not only makes for great family time, but it will be a perk your kids will enjoy with their friends.
  • Add a home office in your basement

    Home Office

    Adding a dedicated space for a home office gives you the privacy you need to get some serious work done. It can also make a nice space for home schooling or offer a seperate entrance and serve as your meeting place with clients.
  • Bathroom addition in basement

    Extra Bathroom

    Add in an extra bathroom and you will not only enjoy the benefits of an extra washroom, but you will see great returns when you go to sell your home. Adding an extra full bath brings return value of up to 19% according to
  • Home Gym

    Home Gym

    Ready to get in shape? Do it in the comfort of your own home right in your remodeled basement. Think of it, a home gym you can use whenever you want,with no waiting in line for a machine.
  • Home rec room in basement

    Rec Room

    Finally room for the pool or hockey table you’ve always dreamed of. Imagine spending time with your favorite buddies hanging out in your new basement recreation room. Hours of fun and just kicking back.
  • Home Bar

    Home Bar

    Just because disco fever died, doesn’t mean the home bar has to. The seventies sparked an era of home bars and with our help you can bring the private bar perfect for hosting parties into style in your basement.
  • Rental Apartment Basement Conversion

    Rental Apartment

    Looking for some extra income? Consider turning your unused basement into a cash generating rental suite. We will maximize your space to offer you the greatest return on your investment and help get your basement working for you with rental income. We will also make sure it is properly protected with sound and fireproofing.
  • Basement converted to a playroom

    Play Room

    As children grow so does their accumlaiton of toys. Instead of maxing out the space in their bedrooms, convert your basement into a play room that gives them room to run and express themselves. We will design it with ample storage solutions and flexibilty as your children grow.
  • Basement turned into a guest suite

    Guest Suite /
    Extra Bedroom

    Whether a weekend visitor or an extended stay, your guests will delight in the privacy and tailored design of a guest suite. They’ll be able to get some rest and seculusion in their own suite instead of bunking in the kids room or sleeping on the couch.